Why Choose US!!

Why choose Star Mountain Treks?

For many years, Star Mountain Treks has been a recognized trekking company in Nepal. We are dedicated to provide the best trekking and adventure holiday experience in the Himalayas including Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Our love for nature and will to promote the Himalayas' spectacular beauty along with the rich, diverse cultural heritage of Nepal has led us to establish this company.

Professionally Trained teams:

Professionalism and high quality service is core to our business – we believe in investing in our people to provide you with this memorable experience. Our staffs are trained to provide a professional service and quickly build trust with our clients as your referral and opinions of your experience with us and when you leave is vitally important to our continued sustainability as a trekking company.

Our guides are government registered, licensed holders, locality sourced from the trekking areas you will trek in. Our guides and porters are multilingual. We are born and raised in this mountain region and this fact provides you with broad local knowledge and enables deep connections in the communities you will be walking in. The advantage of this connection cannot be overstated to your experience.

Expert knowledge of The Himalaya:

Years of experience trekking in the area have established us as true experts of Nepal's Himalaya and neighbouring countries. We are made up of local dedicated professionals from the administration, crew members to airport representatives. We encourage you to travel like a local and evaluate the real value of money. With nothing compromised, we offer our trips at an excellent value, generally much cheaper than many other larger companies. We deliver the best possible experience whilst protecting you and your money

Your travel investment is safe and valued:

While doing the online payment, you can confidently input your bank/card details on our website to book the trip. Similarly, we are a fully authorized travel company in Nepal, registered under the Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Industry, and the National Nepal Rastra Bank. Every penny you pay us will be safe and guarantee no risk or hidden charges.

Your Safety is our first priority:

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, safety is our number one priority which Nepal Trekking Experts never compromise. Our staffs are fully trained in first aid, hygiene, personal protection, equipment usage, dealing with an emergency situation, rope fixing, map and compass reading, etc. Flexibility is core to our safety principles at all times. Itineraries are designed that provides time for our clients to acclimatization to high altitudes or provide time for clients to rest where required due to sickness.

Insurance & Well paid to Staff:

Star Mountain Treks are committed to staff welfare. Our staffs are fully covered by insurance and are all paid aligning with Industry awards and protections standards. Our staffs are our company and we invest in their future and their welfare to ensure a positive team approach that ensures your trekking experience is maximized.

Price policy and Discounts - Balancing “Value for Money” and Quality Experience

Due to our flat company structure and direct management principles Star Mountain Treks can provide the best price policy balancing value for money with quality of experience. A balance that must deliver a competitive price while providing an experience that touches your soul and leaves you with long lasting memories and experiences.

Star Mountain Treks employs a referral based discounts policy. Should you be referred to us by a previous customer a discounted price is available.

Special price packages are also available for student groups or groups more than 12 people.

Personal service

We encourage anyone who is interested in planning a trip, whether it is a trek, tour, safari or adventure, to get in contact and discuss their requirements and expectations directly. We can give suggestions based on our knowledge of the areas and the time of year you’re planning to travel.