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Nepal has very distinctive geography and climate variation, which frequently delays (or sometimes cancels) domestic flights in remote areas. Some of the airports to the most famous trekking trails are at very high elevations (above 2,000 metres). The weather can get unstable anytime, resulting in untimely take-offs and landings.

 Fights are mostly on time in spring and autumn. The rate of cancellation and delays are low. In other seasons, the flight can get delayed or cancelled. So, make sure to keep an extra day or two in your hands, especially while trekking in remote areas.

 Lukla Flight Cancellation

Located at 2,846 metres, Lukla is one of the highest airports in the world. All of the flights scheduled to this airport are in the morning. Strong wind and poor visibility make take-off and landing difficult in the afternoon and evening.

 Lukla is known for its flight delays and cancellation because of changeable weather and dramatic location. This results in affecting the itinerary sometimes too. While trekking, you can charter a helicopter back to Kathmandu if you wish. However, the expenses must be borne by them.

*Note: Always have one or two extra days in your hand while flying in/out of Lukla airport.


All the expenses involved in rescheduling the flight or charting a helicopter must be endured, by the trekkers themselves and not included in the package cost.

Trekkers have to bear any additional accommodation and meals out of the offered itinerary. The company will not be responsible for it.

Unforeseen circumstances may ask you to make a change in the itinerary.

Best Advice:

Get your international flight's costs covered in the travel insurance.