Travel Guide

Nepal is one of the safest countries to travel. The locals around the country are very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. You can freely explore the country. As it is a new unknown place to you, be careful of your belongings and stay attentive to your surroundings.

If you are trekking alone in the mountains, then you have to be extra careful. There is more chance of getting lost or falling in accidents than getting robbed or assaulted. The Himalayas lack basic infrastructure because of unsuitable terrain and low population. If any unfortunate events take place while you are trekking alone, then there may not be anybody around you to help you.


Remember trekking in the Himalayas is way different from trekking anywhere else!


  • Do the following things to have a safe travel experience in Nepal:
  • Get yourself registered in your country's embassy and stay in touch with them. In case of an emergency, it allows your travel agency to report them.
  • You have to prepare yourself beyond your body. Your endurance to survive in limited facilities and determination to reach the final destination is equally important.
  • You may have to see unseen difficulties like landslides, avalanches, altitude sickness, etc sometimes.
  • Always travel in remote areas with someone professional and well-covered travel insurance.
  • Make sure to nicely lock your bags and keep valuables with you.
  • Do not rush while trekking, and include ample rest days in your itinerary.
  • Do not display valuables and money randomly.
  • Leave a copy of the details with your travel agency in Kathmandu.