Travel Guide

Nepal is the destination for some of the world's adventurous activities. Whether it be trekking in isolated parts of the Himalayas or scaling giant eight-thousander mountains there is no limit. Then comes other thrilling outdoor sports activities like mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, canoeing, bungee jumping, etc.

These sorts of activities are equally dangerous too. Even with all the precautions, unfortunate events can take place. And travel insurance, especially if you are in a remote region where there are no proper hospitals or transportation networks will protect you.

Travel insurance is necessary while high-altitude ventures in Nepal. In case of accidents, travel insurance is the only way to give you immediate medical assistance. As a responsible local trek and tour company, we have mandatory travel insurance requirements for many of our trips.

We always recommend our guests to take out travel insurance, covering emergency air evacuation up to 6,000 metres and medical bills. Moreover, you can also cover flight cancellation, loss/theft of baggage, etc in the travel insurance.

Foreigners are not allowed to get travel insurance in Nepal as per the country policy. Therefore, you have to get well-covered travel insurance in your home country.

The Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal Mountaineering Association manage some part of the insurance, however we also advise you to stay in touch with your country's embassy or international organisations who can help you with the insurance facility.


*Note: Without travel insurance or assurance of a cash deposit, providing rescue service can get very difficult.


Stay safe than sorry, especially in the Himalayas!